The Weekend I Understood the Three Principles

I confess. I am a skeptic when it comes to most of the self-help material out there. Some are gimmicky, unsustainable tricks that “force thoughts” or “control the mind”. Some others are outright shams.

The good news (for me, at least) is that I found something real. And it was completely by accident.

It’s been over a month since I went to Portland for the Beyond Limits Business Summit. The reason I waited this long to write about it is that I wanted to see whether what I learned those days would last or fizzle.

The funny thing is, I went without knowing much about it. A friend said she was going, and I thought, “why not”? I showed up with a blank slate and my mind was blown away by the simplicity of it all.

At first, I was a bit confused. Contrary to what the name of the event suggests, we didn’t directly touch on the topic of business. During the first morning, the speakers gave testimonials on how the three principles changed their lives. Although I found their stories compelling, nothing had clicked just yet.

After a couple of group discussions and one-on-one conversations, I started to catch on to what they were trying to say… until the moment my mind lighted up: yes, yes, yes! Everything made sense. It was crystal clear.

So, what is this thing called the “three principles?” Mind, consciousness and thought. Our human experience is created by our thoughts. Our emotions are created by our thoughts. That’s it.

If we understand that our reality is shaped not by circumstances but by what we think of those circumstances, then we can be sure that when we allow for a new thought to pop up, we will literally see it with new eyes. When we comprehend that truth, we become psychologically resilient. We bounce back to our normal mental state more quickly.

Thanks to one of the speakers who gave me the gift of listening with wisdom, I recognized a fundamental mistake I had been making. I shared with the group that I had been experiencing self-doubt. Sometimes the feeling is short-lived. Other times, it would last days. I asked, “I am aware that it’s in my head. But, is there a way I can make these moments shorter?”

I discovered that the problem was not the feeling in itself. It was me labeling it as bad. Moreover, I would be annoyed at myself for not “getting over it”. What was I doing? I was paying too much attention to it and creating resistance. Therefore, the very thing I wanted to get rid of wouldn’t go away.

Since this realization, I continue to be human. Just like before, I have my ups and downs. The difference is that now the petty downs are limited and inconsequential. I’ve been told in the past that I have clarity of thought. Not sure if was true before. However, it sure seems like I am improving.

In case you are searching for a life or business coach, I recommend you consider one who is trained in the Three Principles. It doesn’t contain judgmental elements that characterize other approaches.

If you are curious about the event, here is the link to the website.

I am forever grateful to the organizers, staff, and speakers. They are some of the most authentic and generous people I have ever come across.