Cristina Ho is a marketing consultant with two decades of international corporate experience defining and executing strategies for global brands adidas, New Balance and Under Armour (UA).

Her love for creative brand building is balanced with pragmatic problem-solving. These skills and her flexibility in applying them were fundamental in the successful market entry of the UA brand in new markets. “To enter a market for the very first time only happens once. To do so for a great brand at an international scale was a dream come true.”

Amongst her proudest achievements are the teams she built for the markets she managed. “I had incredible fun overseeing the marketing of three excellent brands. The wins we celebrated were the result of the joint collaboration of each team member, our agencies, colleagues, and clients. Amazing things happen when you have a group of passionate, determined and committed people.”

Her background as second-generation Chinese in a Latin country with an American education and a career with global companies makes her a staunch advocate of cross-cultural collaboration in the search for solutions that transcend borders.

An understanding of cultural differences has been key to her leadership of teams across the globe: Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, Israel, Russia, India, North Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Citing Usha Mayani, entrepreneur and former President of the Colon Free Zone Users Association, “Having worked with Cristina, I can say she sees clear solutions where most people see problems. She is tenacious, bold, and fearless when it comes to her work. Her ability to listen and understand the vision and needs of her clients allows for space to build trust and mutual respect.”

A blues and classic rock lover, she enjoys a cup of tea with a book in her free time.